Tuesday, June 27, 2006

"Otis" in San Francisco

(Above L-R) Rudy Gonzales, "Otis" and Pastor Troy. We had the blessing to witness and minister at length to Otis who was not only homeless, but also bound by alcohol and drug addiction. He was convicted by the Word of God and the moving of the Holy Sprit and knelt down in the street and cried out to Jesus to save and deliver him during our San Francisco Outreach.
(Below) This is the "Audio" of part of the ministry time with Otis. You will hear him praying and then Rudy and Pastor Troy ministering to him as well.

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Jeanne nyc said...

Pastor Troy? It's jeanne here, from Abounding Grace NYC...but REALLY from good ol' Cali.
it was amazing to watch the ultimate DROPPING (literally)or should i say, the MOVING...(literally)of the angelic hosts as well as the awesome HOLY SPIRIT of GOD ALmighty over this mans life during prayer in this precious clip.
So beautiful! My friend Christelle Eddy and I are undone from just experiencing this clip right here.
God bless! She just found out, not at all by coincidence, that I had been working a little bit with the Raven ministries when you rolled thru NY...the same Raven Ministries that goes on out in our own Santa Rosa...the Raven team that she, in fact, interviewed just three weeks ago for a documentary to inspire her youth group.She is sold; we now have a new Raven West Coast convert!
I miss you...can NOT believe you caught me on camera downstairs in the coffee house ministry worshipping at Abounding Grace. That was such a radical night. The sound system is being put to great use!
Anyways...just wanted to say I will be FINALLY serving with Raven West Coast for the first time come the 21 for the Christmas toy give away!
YAY JESUS!I love you all in Jesus' name. I hope this clip rocks the Christian as we know it! Keep it up, brother!
love in Christ, Jeanne