Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Skid Row Pix

(Above) Team serves up a awesome meal to the hundreds that gathered on LA's Skid Row

(Above) Rudy Gonzales ministers to "Sarge", one of the thousands of veterans that call Skid Row home. It is estimated that as many as 40% of the homeless in LA are veterans of the United States Armed Forces. They fought for and sacrificed for our freedom--shouldn't we fight and sacrfice so that they too can be set free?
(Above) Frank & Angie Blondia were an awesome addition to our LA team. I originally met the Blondina's in Tijuana, Mexico while we were working to build on to a church there. Since then Frank has teamed up again with Streetwise Ministry and Angie came to NewOrleans following Hurricane Katrina and again helped us during the Mardi Gras outreach as well.

(Above) Sophie and Dominique Blondina (Fank and Angie's kids) cook up the bbq beans for the outreach.

(Above) A homeless woman finds joy in the ministry, prayer and conversation of one of our team members during the outreach.

(Above) Brian Bennet with a young homeless man he shared with out in Skid Row.

(Above) Pastor Ron Smedley of Christian Community Center Church (Sunland, Calf) and Debbie of Raven West Coast minister to a man on Skid Row.

(Above) Homeless man smiles broadly as he finishes up his BBQ lunch and visits with one of our Skid Row Outreach team members.

(Above) Homeless men bow their heads as we pray for the meal prior to serving the food.

(Above) Brian Bennett and his son, Joe prepare to head out to the streets for the outreach.

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