Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Skid Row Pix

(Above) A man laid down near where we were feeding in the hopes of getting some rest in a "safe" place for a few hours--if you can call anywhere in Skid Row safe!

(Above) Maddie, Cece and Dakota where some of our best help during the Skid Row outreach!

(Above) Pastor Troy stands with some of "guys" out on Skid Row before we started serving the meal during the Super Satruday event this past weekend!

(Above) Pastor Troy, Matt, and Rudy getting ready to take the team out to the streets of LA.

(Above) This is an absolute amazing story; this is Bobby Chance with a man that he met on Skid Row in Los Angeles that is from the same hometown as him. Now get this...their hometown in Mt. Pleasant, Texas (East Texas) and they went to the same school, knew some of the same people and are just a couple years apart in age. Here they are about 1500 miles away and they meet on Skid Row in Los Angeles and Bobby was able to love on and minister to this guy!

(Above) Here Maddie serves up some fresh sliced watermelon out on the streets. The young people that came to help us where such a blessing to us all. They really got after it and never stopped, complained or backed down one time!

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