Wednesday, August 09, 2006

PROFILE: Evangelist Rudy Gonzales

When Pastor Troy Bohn met Rudy Gonzales during a ministry trip to Tijuana, Mexico he just knew that it wouldn't be the last time that they worked together to reach the lost, dying and hungry for the Lord Jesus Christ!
As the Director of Raven West Coast and the founder of the ministry network, Rudy has worked dilligently to connect people to the actual work of the ministry. Joined in the ministry by his wife Lori, teenaged son Anthony, and wunderkind daughters Maddie and CeCe--this family have tackled areas that many fear to tread!
Following Hurrincane Katrina's devestation of New Orleans and the Gulf Coast area, Rudy assembled a team and quickly brought supplies and resources to Pastor Troy and the RAVEN Team there on the ground. He also arranged for several more teams that would provide ministry and support throughout the area to those most affected by the aftermath of the storm.
Based out of Northern California, Rudy is no stranger to challenges. He served his country in the United States Marine Corp Special Forces and saw action during Operation Dessert Storm. While he is no longer active duty, he is still Semper Fi (Always Faithful) to the call that God has now placed upon his life.
Leading teams into innercity San Francisco or teaming up to minister in Cambodia, LA's "Skid Row" or New Orleans' Bourbon Street are all the same to this man---where there is a need is where he wants to be. He is the type that has the audacity to just simply see what the Word of God says and "Do It" with no fear and no excuses.

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Raven Midwest said...

I thank God for my brother Rudy!! We have had some awesome times on the streets and I look forward to many more!! He has an awesome family also that are right in the trenches also!! Lori, Anthony, Maddie and CeCe are a blessing from the Lord!! We love you guys!!