Wednesday, August 09, 2006

PROFILE: Evangelist Todd Bohn

RAVEN Evangelist, Todd Bohn, has known RAVEN Director Troy Bohn all of his life--he is Pastor Troy's "Big Brother" and an even BIGGER PART of the ministry of Raven International.
Pastor Troy recalls being on a construction site with all three of his older brothers about fifteen years ago and declaring to them all, "I am not the ONLY Bohn-boy called to preached the Gospel. We have ALL been called. I am just the first one who said, YES!" He was absolutey right as a number of years later Todd would also end up in full-time ministry."
Dropping out of high school, having to overcome a learning disability, and being bound by anger and alcoholism from an early age would have had some people trying to justify a life of bondage and mediocraty---but not Todd! After coming to Jesus, he refused to allow himself to be labeled a "product of his enviroment" so he "changed his enviroment" and began submerging himself in the Word of God.
Entering his 30's as a functional illiterate, he was the last person you would expect to learn to read by devouring the King James Version of the Holy Scriptures...but he did...and with a vengeance!
In addition to preaching the Gospel from coast to coast as a member of Team Raven, he is also the nightmare of those trying to push the heinous false doctrines of the cults and occult. He has personally seen Mormons and Muslims come to the Lord Jesus following a discussion of the true Word of God and is well versed in dealing with Jehovah's Witnesses, the Mind Science Cults, and even rouge "Christian" cults.
Todd is a graduate of the Dayspring Institute of Ministry & Biblical Studies and the Raven School of Evangelism and an instructor and curriculum developer in our Discipleship Program. He and his wife, Christy, have been married twenty years and have two teenaged children.

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Raven Midwest said...

We love this warrior for Jesus!!! He looks more like my brother than he does Pastor Troy's. People get us mixed up at times. We love being on the streets with you brother!!