Wednesday, August 09, 2006

PROFILE: Evangelist Don Eskine

Don Eskine of Raven New Orleans is no stranger to some of the Hard Core enviroments that the ministry often takes him. In 1986 he found himself locked up in Jefferson Parish Prison and addicted to heroine. A life of crime, violence and drugs had suddenly taken the only thing that he had left: His Freedom.
Yet in the midst of the darkenss of his situation, the Holy Spirit began to speak to this man's heart and now twenty years later he is going after the same type of people that he once was: the broken, lost and shattered---and is seeing the same miracles in their lives as he saw happen in his life two decades ago!
Now, with his wife Sabrina by his side, Don is not only a tremendous testimony of God's grace, power and deliverance, but is also an ordained minister, the founder of No Cross No Crown Ministries and the owner of a successful transport business---and all because of surrendering his life to Jesus!
Today Bro. Don takes his testimony and a powerfully anointed delivery of the Word of God to Churches of all denominations. He preaches a faith-filled message of the Holy Spirit's ability to reach into the darkest and most desperate of circumstances and bring about the victory! As a member of the Gideons, he also brings regular reports to churches and conferences regarding the distribution of Bibles.
Even though he frequently preaches to the Body of Christ, his heart and passion is in reaching the lost for the Kingdom of God...and he does so with a reckless abandon and supernatural expectancy as he and Sabrina team up and lead teams of soul-winners into the harvest fields!

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Raven Midwest said...

"Cajun Don", we love you brother!! We can't wait to get you up here on the streets!! The people will think you are from a foreign country with that accent!! Brother, we have enjoyed being with you on the streets in the past and we look forward to the times ahead!! God Bless You!!!