Wednesday, August 09, 2006

PROFILE: Evangelist Terry Shuff

Terry Shuff, Director of RAVEN Midwest, is the epitome of a New Testament disciple; "Deny yourself, take up your cross and follow Jesus." This is the heart of this man who was radically saved and delivered from alcohol and drugs in 1994.
Since 1998 Terry has been involved in outreach, soul-winning and ministering the Word of God with boldness and power. In 1999 he met Pastor Troy and the Raven Team while ministering in the French Quarter of New Orleans during Mardi Gras. Over the years, they stayed in touch and God built a blessed relationship that resulted in Terry being ordained as an evangelist through Raven Ministries and taking the role of Director for our Midwest Division.
Terry and his wife, Eileen now leads teams into Detroit, Chicago, Gary, Indiana, Benton Harbor, Michigan and the whole Michiana area. From ministering in churches to taking the love of God and the testimony of Jesus to people on street corners, outside of bar rooms or in housing projects--these guys are intent to make it hard for anyone to go to hell on their watch!
In addition to his duties with RAVEN, Terry has also served in a juvenile treatment center and is now the "Campus Pastor" for the Crossing Alternative School in Goshen, Indiana and Eileen has spent many years as a licensed drug abuse counselor.
From coast to coast you will often find Terry preaching the Gospel, feeding the hungry, and reaching the lost with Pastor Troy and memebers of the Raven Team!

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