Wednesday, August 09, 2006

PROFILE: Pastor Alex Hill

Pastor Alex Hill serves as the Associate Director of Raven Ministries International, Inc. and is currently based out of the Austin, Texas area. A tireless soul-winner, a powerful preacher of the Gospel and an anointed servant of the Lord Jesus--this man of God exists for one purpse: To Stampede the Gates of Hell and rescue the lost and dying from eternal destruction.
Having served with Pastor Troy since the founding of Raven Ministries in 1996 and having also served with him as an associate pastor and elder of local churches---he truly knows and walks in the vision of RAVEN: Restoring A Vision & Evangelizing Nations.

Born and raised in the Texas Panhandle, Pastor Hill came to Christ after having suffered several personal setbacks and the possibility of serving jail time as well. Following his conversion to Christ, he never looked back; preaching in prison tent revivals, on streets corners, helping to establish inner-city outreach ministries and serving in the local church.

In 2004 he and his wife, Holly and their three young children joined Pastor Troy and Melanie in New Orleans to establish a RAVEN outpost there in the city. Preaching the Gospel to the lost and dying in the French Quarter and Bourbon Street and the local housing projects become his staple. Then in August of 2005 he had his home and all of his families possessions wiped out by Hurricane Katrina.
Never detoured by circumstances, he and the team went "mobile" and saw hundreds come to the Lord Jesus through a momentous revival and relief effort along the Gulf Coast. He presently assists Pastor Troy in overseeing the operations of RAVEN International and preaches regularly throughout this nation in churches, revivals, conferences, and "on the streets."
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Raven Midwest said...

Pastor Alex and Holly are such a blessing!! We watched them on the streets since 1999 when we first started following the RAVEN's around and have grown to be great friends since starting RAVEN Midwest in 2004. We look forward to the times ahead on the streets with you guys!! God Bless you!!