Saturday, August 19, 2006

Raven: Daytona Beach, Florida

(Above) Pastor Troy D. Bohn, Kayla Bohn, and Pastor Terry Shuff "open the church service" of the Streets Friday night along the Boardwalk in Daytona, Beach Florida. This Raven "Soul Patrol" would spend the next several hours ministering to young homeless kids, college students and burned out junkies---with Jesus being the message that brings light and life to every situation!

(Above) Pastor Troy and Pastor Terry with Patrick and Devin, students at Bethune-Cookman college in Daytona Beach. We had an awesome time ministering and "discipling" these two young men out on the Boardwalk. The were both very attentive to the Word of God and demostrated a genuine heart and desire to "take it to the next level" in relationship to serving Christ. They knelt there on the sidewalk with us to pray before we parted ways and took my number so that they could call me to come to the house for dinner and to "bust open the Word together!"

(Above) Pastor Troy prays with three young men off of A-1-A in Daytona Beach Friday night. One of the young men (Jesse) was 16 and had been "immancipated" as an adult since he was 14. His dad was thrown into prison when he was just 8 and his mother (a crack addict) soon left with another man. He stayed with his grandmother, but soon found himself involved with drugs and served 3 years in a juvenile detention center. He works for a local cement contractor and lives on his own. He was very humble and open to the Word of God. He is set to be contacting me next week when I return from ministering in Europe.

(Above) Pastor Troy confronts "Ron" who approached us for money on Thursday night. He was a "Catholic" who said that he could do "anything that he wanted" because he was "Born a Catholic" and that he worse thing that would happen is that he'd have to spend a little time in "Purgatory" before heading off to heaven.

I gave him the scripute concerning these erroneous teachings and was able to pray with him before he once again slipped into the night.

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