Saturday, August 05, 2006

Report from the streets of New Orleans

Christy Bohn engages a man on B0urbon Street with the Gospel this past Friday Night in New Orleans. There are many young professionals who visit the city and frequent this area to socialize and party with friends--and then are met by the message of the Cross of Calvary!
We find that many 20-somethings were raised to know Christ (or at least raised up attending "Church") but have abandoned the Truth and have become involved in varying false religions. Many have commented that "Christianity" ceased to appeal to them because most of those who claimed to be followers of the Bible didn't actuallu follow it themselves.

Todd Bohn prays with a man on Bourbon Street that was deeply convicted by the Holy Spirit as he was ministered to. (Notice his right hand) As the prayer was going up this man (who was there to have a good time) wanted to "raise his hand" in worship to the Lord God of Host. Even in this enviroment "Every knee will bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord."
Over the past few months of the year, there has been a tremedous spike in crime in the French Quarter of New Orleans. The Governor has even recalled the National Guard to patrol certain areas of the city.

The homeless have returned in force to Jackson Sqaure! Following Hurricane Katrina, many of the hundreds of people that would sleep on the benches in Jackson Square were dispersed to various areas of the country while recieving aid from FEMA ( hotel rent, etc.).
Once those programs ran their course, many of those who had been in the city prior to the disaster have returned---and brought new people with them. Many of those coming are drug addicted and have been involved in a life of crime.
We were able to minister and pray with many this past Friday evening.

BIlly McInroy (Raven New Orleans) shares the Gospel with "Edward" who was seated in Jackson Sqware. The man was embittered with life and Billy took the time to minister the love of Christ to him.
Even though this man didn't pray to recieve Jesus there on the spot--he was certainly shown that God had not forgotten not forsaken him and that He was there calling Him to repentence.

Don Eskine (No Cross-No Crown RAVEN) shares the Word of Truth with a group of young men out partying on Bourbon Street Friday night.
Don often shares his testimony of being in prison, having a severe drug addticion, and being involved in many crimes---and then having Christ find and rescue him from a fiery hell! Don is now a spokesman for the Gideons, an Ordained Minister, and God has also blessed him to own and operate a thriving transport business that he uses to be a blessing to the Kingdom of God.
"If any man be in Christ, he is a new creation!"

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