Saturday, August 05, 2006

Report from the Streets of New Orleans

People are looking for answers...and the answer is JESUS. Throughout the city of New Orleans there are peopel filled with hopelessness and uncertainty. Many of those that we encounter are people who were effected by the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, still others are thos who have come to the city looking for employment in the rebuilding process.
Those that have come have soon found themselves caught up in the sinful culture that has long been prevailent in New Orleans. They are drawn to the wickedness and perversion of the French Quarter and soon fing themselves staying longer than thy intended to, doing things they never intended to and going further in debauchery than they ever have.
(Right) Kalay and Amanda (My daughter and neice) witness to a man on Bourbon Street this past Friday night. These two teenaged young ladies are not intimidated by the neon lights, massive crowds or drunken atmosphere. They have committed to serve Jesus NOW so that they will not find themselves overtaken in sin LATER.
The most exploited people on Bourbon Street are young women. They are made objects of abuse, ridicule and embarrassment--and it is good to have young women of faith with us to give them an example of righteousness and purity in the face of the enormous pressure to be used and abused by the enviroment that thrives on their demise.

(Right) Don Eskine hands a Gospel tract to a woman on Bourbon Street and explains to her the sacrifice that Jesus made for her on the cross of Calvary. Don and his wife, Sabrina are committed to reaching the City for Jesus as they team with Raven on many outreaches.
Don and Sabrina head up "No Cross- No Crown" Ministries of New Orleans and serve with Pastor Stephen Smith of West Point Fellowship on the West Bank.
They are dear friends and powerful partners in "Taking the Gospel of Jesus" to the Streets of this Nation and beyond!

(Right) It was good to be with Pastor Alex on the streets of New Orleans again! He is an AWESOME and POWERFUL witness of God's power and authority.
Here he is sharing with a young man and the Holy Spirit "read this young man's mail to him!" He was astounded that the words that Pastor Alex spoke to him "hit the bull's eye" and he couldn't deny that this was a divine visitation from the Lord Jesus.

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Raven Midwest said...

You know you hurt me brother putting these reports out!! We want to be on the front lines in New Orleans with you!!!