Monday, August 21, 2006

URGENT: Prayer Request

(Above) Deb Waddell of Raven West Coast
It is 12:45 AM here in Florida and I just got a call from Raven West Coast Director, Pastor Rudy Gonzales. O nthe way home from the Sunday Night Raven Gathering, they recieved a telephone call that Deb's mom was in the hospital having suffered a heart attack.
The report is that she is doing okay right now. Please join with us in praying for her complete and total healing and that there will be no lasting ramifications from this attack. We serve a God who is more than able and has already bore the stripes upon His back for Deb's mom! We'll keep you posted as the reports come in.
Deb is such a vital part of our West Coast ministry and we know that this is just an attempt by the enemy to disrupt and distract her from all of the wondrous thing that God has for her in this critical hour.
"We stand together in faith for the healing and restoring of Deb's mom. We declare, that by the Blood of Jesus, she is made whole. We speak to her heart and complete circulatory system to come in line with the Spirit of God and a creative miracle to take place in her physical body in Jesus' name! Amen"


RAVEN Deb said...

To all my brother and sisters, you are my family. Thank you so much for standing in prayer with me for my mom. i believe that God heard each one, and mom's pain was gone by early Monday morning, Amen. She is home now, Tuesday afternoon, and can resume a normal life at will, but no lifting for 3 weeks. No heart damage and one new artery, different from the one last December, was 40% clogged. it takes 70% for a stint or anything more serious. By the time the doctors got in with a scope on Monday, there was no sign of the blockage that caused the pain on Sunday night, Amen. Your prayer was the answer and i am very grateful to all of you. There is so much power in prayer, this i have always believed. Thank you all again. i love each of you very much.... your sis Deb

Raven Midwest said...

PRAISE HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!