Sunday, August 20, 2006

Saturday Night "Church in the Surf" Daytona Beach

(Above Clockwise from Top) Melanie, Eileen and Kayla set up the table with the hot Red Beans & Rice with Smoked Sausage (can you tell I lived in New Orleans!) Young streets kids sit around on the sand eating while we share the Good News of Salvation! "Lurch" samples the "grub." This young man is 26 and is going through many personal struggles--he keeps coming back and wanting to spend time with us to hear the Word of God! Please pray for him!
(Above Clockwise) Melanie looks up as I "snaek a snap shot!"; Eileen sits and ministers to John and Angle, who are on the streets and just arrived here in town. We all commented on just how sweet Angle was. This is someone's baby daughter that has gotten caught up in the enemies trap. She was so grateful and said to me, "Wow, I was wondering howwe were going to eat tonight!"; Pastor Terry is joined by "Top Team Member and My Right Hand Girl on the Streets" Kayla Bohn!; Pastor Troy and Kayla kneel and pray with Kevin, 17 (in blue) and Stephen, 16 (who needed prayer for a learning disability).
(Above Clockwise) this young lady (15) and young man (12) are regulars out on the streets of Daytona Beach. We were able to feed and minister the Word of God to them both--and just love em' a little as well!; Pastor Troy with (r) Billy and Chris (middle). Chris asked for prayer for his dad who is no longer able to work because of a back injurty--then I shared the Word with him and he knoelt there in the sand and prayed for Jesus to come into his life!; Pastor Terry & Eileen stand with "The Motley Crew" of "Pug", "Liberty", John, and Angel that they spent time ministering and praying for there on the Boardwalk; Pastor Terry (who is a big fella himself) with a group of BIG kids that stopped by to eat with us as we shared the Word.
(Above Clockwise) Pastor Terry with Jesse. Pray for him! He has been on his own since he was 14, after spending three years in a juvenile unit. His dad was in prison and his mom leftwith another man. He was continuously telling us, "Thanks for talking to me. I really need to hear this."; Pastor troy with Stephen and Kevin out in the "Church in the Surf." Kevin had gotten a tattoo of the 10 commandments on his shoulder (turns out that the artist on knew 9 of them though!) I asked him "Why the 10 Commandments?" He said, "I just figured it was something that I needed to start living by."; Eileen prays with Lurch for freedom and deliverance; Mary Ashley and Jimmy. They are both homeless and she is also a diabetic. We prayed and ministered to them and I talked to here about getting off the streets and gave he my card to call if she ever decided to return home to here family and needed help.

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