Monday, September 04, 2006

Labor Day Outreach in Daytona Beach, Florida

(Above) We had a great Labor Day Weekend outreach here in Daytona Beach. The City was filled with many visitors looking for that last cahnce to get away before the end of Summer. (top clockwise) 1. Melanie, Sabrina Eskine and Kayla serve up a hot meal of fried chicken and trimmings to the homeless. The lady pictured was laying by a wall unable to move when I saw her. She told me that she was in excructiating pain as a result of six slipped disck. I ask here if I could pray for her and she said "Yes!" He son then said that his mom really needed to get to a hospital--to which she said, "I am going to belive God before I do that." Here she is in line eating! 2. Unloading the Raven Van of the supplies needed for the night. 3. Kayla and Sabrina serve a homeless man a plate of food and and a tub load of compassion for dessert! 4. "Lurch" and a friend enjoy a chicken dinner. "Lurch" told me that he was excited about the weekly Bible Study and would be bringing friends as well.

(Above) We were enormously blessed to have our great friends, Pastor Don and Sabrina Eskine in our home visiting this past weekend. They were a tremendous help and an unbelievable blessing just being here with us a few days. Pastor Don is the founder and director of No Cross No Crown Ministries of New Orleans and the director of Raven Gulf Coast. 1. Pastor Don and Sabrina stand in front of a beautiful sunset following a night of ministry. 2. Pastor Do shars his testimony with a man who had just spent 14 years in prison. Pastor Don shared how God delivered him from the jail cell and heroin addiction to own a successful business and preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 3. Melanie, Sabrina and Pastor Don get things set up for the food outreach in the beach. 4. Pastor Don witnesses along the "wall" where many homeless people gather in the evening just steps from the Atlantic Ocean.
(Above) We have some awesome "girls" on our team who are not afraid to get in there and "mix it up" for the Kingdom! 1. Sabrina ministers to a young woman who is homeless and suffers from full-blown aids. 2. Kayla and Melanie unpack the van for outreach. 3. "He that finds a wife finds a good thing" Pastor Don and I sure believe that word! Sabrina and Melanie are our genuine "armour bearers" in Jesus!
(Above) "Every knee shall bow and every tongues shall confess that Jesus Christ is the Lord!" 1. Pastor Troy prays with two brothers who gave their hearts to Jesus on the Board Walk on Saturday Night. 2. Sam and Sid, two brothers visiting the city from Macon, Georgia stand with Pastor Troy. Sid was wearing a shirt glorifying cocaine and had a cross hangin over it! You know I got all up and over that! Sam had a shirt under the jersey with the picture of a friend who had been gunned down at 25 years old! I gave it to them STRAIGHT UP and left no wiggle room! They both came under heavy conviction and said that they didn't want to go to hell and they wanted Jesus to come into their lives! 3. Me and "my girl" Kayla! She is definately "her father's daughter" PTL 4. Pastor Troy prays with Brian, a homeless man who had just arrived in Daytona Beach from Baltimore.
(Above Clockwise) Melanie, Pastor Troy, Pastor Don and Sabrina out by the beach one afternoon. 2. The Eskines and the Bohns after the church service this past Sunday. The service was off the chain! 3. Pastor Troy and Pastor Don declaring, "There is ONE WAY and that is JESUS!"
**If you are in the Daytona Beach area, join us next weekend for ministry at the Boardwalk along the beach. Call for details 504-202-0939! You will be blessed!

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