Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Seeing all the images on the news stations and observing the advertisements for all of the associated with motion pictures, television movies, and docu-dramas made me stop and reflect on the actions that changed the face of a city, a nation and in reality the world just five years ago.
I have sat and drank coffee at Starbuck's just a short subway ride from Ground Zero with my friend, Steve Ignowski (above) I have witnessed in the area and prayed with people to receive Jesus as Savior with my daughter, Kayla (above).

Seeing the images of the towers burning on television, I remembered how they once dominated the NYC skyline when I first went to witness there with my friend, Bobby Chance, years ago and met David Odel (above) as we shared Jesus in the Cherry Street projects just a short walking distance from the Twin Towers. I remember when I took my daughter Kayla with me on outreach to NYC and she snapped a picture of me on the Staten Island ferry with Manhattan Island over my shoulder---and knowing that the Twin Towers and nearly 3,000 lives would never again grace the lens of another camera.

I remember taking the first "Boys are Back In Town" outreach team (above) to New York City this past year and seeing the expressions on these men's faces as we walked towards the ominous hole in the ground once occupied by the cities talelst structures. I remember praying with Eian (above) from Tel Aviv, Israel who had just made his frist visit to NYC and I remember taking my son, Jered with me to the city several years ago to minister.

I remember standing in from of the Ground Zero location with my nephews, Justin Bohn and Brandon Romero (above) and having the cross-shaped steel girder that served as a reminder in those desperate hours following the terrorist attack--that Jesus was our only hope against the true terrorist--satan.

Over the years we had many people come to Jesus Christ on the streets of New York City. Many other street ministries and evangelist can give testimony of the same truth. I wonder to myself--had any of the thousands that perished that dreadful day prayed to receive Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior because someone took the time to venture beyond their comfort zones and tell them about the only way to obtain eternal life?

We go. It's worth it.

If you will keep supporting the outreach and evangelism efforts of Raven Ministries International we will continue to "Go and tell" all the world that Jesus still saves!


Pastor Troy D. Bohn

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RAVEN Deb said...

To our dying breath we will go, Amen, we will bring the Gospel message of salvation, Amen, we will be His feet and hands in this dark and dying world as His witnesses, as His. We have been given our earthly inheritance here to live out. To preach the Gospel message of salvation to all the world, before living that eternal life with Him. So no one that God puts in our path dies without being given a choice. Amen.