Sunday, September 10, 2006

September Miracles

September 2006
I was sitting here thinking of all of the significant things that have happened in Melanie and I's life and in the ministry during this time of year. I was just amazed as I set back and considered the past few years and how God had brought us through some powerful and challenging times on both a personal and ministry level.
As I think about September 2006, I am so blessed and excited that many of the things that the Holy Spirit spoke to us many years ago are coming to pass---and even to a greater degree than we could have imagined ourselves! When we were just in our early twenties and starting out in the ministry we would talk about the things that we felt God had called us to do and the places that He had placed upon our hearts--but those things looked so far off that we really couldn't fathom the day in which they would come to pass.
Each weekend across this nation, there are RAVEN teams taking the Gospel of Jesus Christ to some of the most desperate people and seeing some of the greatest miracles that one could imagine. Here in September of 2006 we will have teams ministering and preaching the Gospel in: Daytona Beach (Florida), San Francisco (California), Elkhart (Indiana), Austin (Texas), New Orleans (Louisiana), Los Angeles (California), Benton Harbor (Michigan), Baltimore (Mariland), York (Pennsylvania), Amarillo (Texas), Albuquerque (New Mexico), Post (Texas), South Bend (Indiana) and other places that I have forgotten!
With each passing September there is a way paved for a more glorious time to take Jesus' message of hope, healing and deliverance to a whole new harvest field. We are just so grateful to have had the opportunity to serve and trust Him with each passing year and looking forward to higher heights and deeper depths in Christ Jesus.
September 2005

Just a year ago we were making our way back into New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina. As we came into the city we were taken aback at seeing streets that we drove daily still resembling rivers. As we made our way through the Mid City area where Nick and Cindy Castro and Pastor Alex and Holly once lived--seeing the devestation and watermarks over 7ft high was almost overwhelming.
Then as we came to the front of our home we were not prepared for what we would see. The five beautiful trees that lined the front of our house were now laying on their sides across our front yard! The sidewalks were raised from the ground from the uprooiting of the trees and debris was scattered everywhere.
Making our way inside we soon discovered that the 18" on water that fileld our home pretty much destroyed everything on the ground level that was not over a couple of feet up. The furniture, appliances, all of my books, rugs, draperies, etc.. were the victims of this devestating disaster. Not to be detoured though! Praise God! We through the junk out and got busy reaching people for Jesus!

September 2004
The previous September had to have been one of the most difficult times in my life. That was when the devil tried to kill me physically! Being told that I might have contracted the West Nile virus, finding out that I was a diabetic, and having a doctor tell me that they couldn;t belive that I had been able to walk into the office under my own power was sobering to say the least!

With all of the physical attacks that I faced--people were coming to Jesus in droves! Jered (my son) and I had just returned home from an outreach in New York City, we were hitting the streets constantly in New Orleans and were seeing tons of people kneel right on Bourbon Street and ask Jesus to come into their lives!

Praise God that He delivered me from that trial and in the process I lost a much needed fifty pounds and have never felt better in my life now! Those were some tough times--but my God is always tougher!

In September of 2003 Melanie and I resigned from our pastorate in Amarillo, Texas where I had served for over 13 years. It was the church that God had allowed us to plant, in the same building that I had gotten saved, baptized and married in! God was doing amazing things there and had blessed us with an awesome church family and fulfilling ministry. But God...had other things for us to do!

I really want to thank all of you that have stuck by us, prayed for us, supported us and been with us through so many Septembers! I know that the best is yeat to come and that we can all look with great anticipation for God to reveal Himself in a more glorious and intimate way as we press into His presence and pursue His will daily.

We need your continued prayer and support for the ever-increasing work that God has entrusted to us. You are the one's that God has called to partner with us for this end times harvest and we are asking you to pray about be a part of another September Miracle for the work of Raven Ministries International.

We love and appreciate you so much and may God bless and anoint you mightily!


Pastor Troy D. Bohn

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