Tuesday, December 05, 2006

"Jesus" rejected again?

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The nationally known Toys for Tots program administrated by the Marine Corp recently made headlines for rejecting an offer for 4,000 "Jesus Dolls" to be given away during their annual Christmas outreach.

The Valencia, California based Beverly Hills Teddy Bear Co., was perplexed that Toys for Tots would reject such a sizeable offer when they were reporting a shortage of toys. The spokesman for the 'Tots program said that they didn't want to "offend" anyone by offering the Jesus doll to someone that might not be a Christian!

Do they not realize that CHRISTmas is all about Christ! Christians are the one's that truly celebrate this holiday! What better gift than a 20" Jesus action-figure that quotes Bible passages when the string is pulled! "Unless you are born again you cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven" is just one of the several scriptures that the doll shares.

Well there loss is our gain! Immediately upon hearing the report, three of our teams contacted the toy company telling them that we would be MORE THAN GLAD to accept their offer! As of last Friday we have recieved word that we will be recieving $4,000 worth of the Jesus dolls to distribute to needy children this holiday season!

Lucy Croghan (Pastor Sam's wife) of Raven East Coast contacted their offices and will have the toys in time for their December 13th Christmas outreach in York, Pennsylvania. Bobby & Dot Chance of Streetwise ministry in Hollywood, California went and picked up a load of the dolls for me yesterday and will be taking them to the needy kids in Tijuana, Mexico during the Happy Birthday Jesus celebration scheduled for December 15th!

I suggest that you check out the website of the company www.beverlyhillsteddybear.com They have lots of great toy and gift ideas and an awsome game called P31 (Proverbs 31) that teaches young girls Biblical principals in a fun way. You can also email them and thank them for their donation to Raven Ministries.

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