Saturday, April 07, 2007

Awesome Testimonies

Each year we see hundreds and even thousands of individuals come to know Jesus through Raven Ministries International. From the West Coast to the East Coast and from the Gulf Coast to the Great Lakes, our teams of urban missionaries are hitting the streets of some of America's toughest--yet most fertile--cities and neighborhoods.

I have personally been blessed to see thousands of people come to Jesus over the years "one on one" as we have ministered during outreaches, church services and special events. One of the things that our teams do is to takea picture of the person that we minister to as a reminder that this is a unique individual that has given their life to Jesus and their name is now written in the Lamb's Book of Life.

We have stayed in contact with so many people and correspend with many on a regular basis. It brings me such joy to recieve a call, email or letter from someone that has such an amazing testimony of their encounter with the Lord. These are a couple of people that I had the priviledge of meeting recently in two very different places.

I met "Linda" here in Daytona Beach during Daytona Bike week. The Spirit of God hit her in such a powerful way right in the middle of "the party" and she has since been in contact with us via email. I met "Jacqui" at a church service that I preached in Chicago and God truly moved in this young woman's life and is now taking her to amazing new realms of knowing Him. These are some messages that I received from these two dear sisters in the Lord recently.

"How are you? I bet you didnt expect to hear from me" You do remember- who I am right? I came to bike week and you prayed for me...and inparted alot of wisdom into my hardened heart. Well I know I'm as stuborn as an ox, but once again in a clearer frame of mind. Like I said, I'm hurting from a struggling marriage for 13 years now and I want to get right with God!On Monday the 19th, him and I have a marriage conference before the judge. He said he wanted us to fix our problems and seek councel...I want my marriage to work, but both of us need to walk deligently with the Lord to be truly happy...Please give me insight to what you may be thinking the Lord may want for me.

It was great meeting you. You have shined a powerful light in my life and I just want to thank you. I look foward to walking in God's path. You just have a way of brightening up my day every time you speak to me!!! Hey Pastor Troy, the Lord Jesus is doing glorious things in my life ALREADY.....that's for sure. But, I need lots of prayer!!! My family doesnt really practice the Christian life style and it's really starting to work my last nerve. I'm really trying to work on my ways and all these bad influences are all up in my face. I'm keeping the faith and trying to pray when I feel that I'm loosing my cool. I don't mean to vent, I just need lots of when you have sum time, can you keep me in ur prayers? I'm just trying to focus on getting and staying rightous. I'm starting to find new joy in my life. For example...I've always thought that reading the Bible would be boring, but because I never took the time to actually open it and read it. Now that I'm trying to walk in the right path, I find myself opening the Bible many times throughout the day and find myself having a hard time putting it down. And I've noticed that the more I read it...the more I believe in it...and in God. I have lots of time on my hands and I want to know HIm more.

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