Sunday, August 03, 2008

The FIRE IS SPREADING! Many are seeing the urgency of the hour and the ever-increasing need to get into the Word of God like never before! I have been so blessed at the responses to our SEVENTYHOURCHALLENGE to read through the entire Bible over the course of the next three months by committing (70) hours to doing so.
The list of those grows as the Word spreads and people join together to know Jesus in a more intimate way through exposing their hearts and minds to His unchanging and life-giving Word. Just in the past couple of days more have joined the challenge!
  1. Pastor Brandon
  2. Catherine
  3. Hope
  4. John
  5. Pastor Alex
  6. Holly
  7. Judah
  8. Josiah
  9. Hope
  10. Sue
  11. Yvonne
  12. Joey
  13. Connie
  14. Merrie
  15. Tonie
  16. Jean
  17. Ed
  18. Wanda
  19. Vera
  20. Sonya
  21. Pastor Don
  22. Sabrina
  23. Elva
  24. Diane
  25. Deena


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