Sunday, August 03, 2008


There is an obvious hunger for the Word and an urgency to know Jesus in a deeper and more intimate way. We have been inundated with emails from people all across the world saying, "Count me in for the seventy hour challenge."
Here are quotes from some of the email that we have received in the past few days upon issuing the challenge.

"THANK YOU! I am going to get my pastor to announce it at church this week."
"Our whole family will be reading the Word together an hour each day."
"I need this in a HUGE way."
"Sign me up."
"I'm in on the challenge"
"This challenge may be the very thing to keep me motivated."
"Count me in on this journey"
"Count me in Pastor Troy"
"We are going to do the 70 hour challenge"
"We are in!"
There has been so much talk and discussion lately about a "revival" that tickles the ears and stimulates the senses-but is not firmly established upon the Word of God. I believe the true and genuine REVIVAL is birthed out of a foundation in the Word of God.

"Upon this rock (The Word) I will build my Church and the gates of hell will not prevail against it." Matthew 16:18
If we are going to see an unrelenting and genuine reviving take place in the Body of Christ, it must be firmly established upon that which never changes or wavers to the whims or wishes of cultural or social demands. We must remain steadfast and dependant upon the TRUTH that sets free and serves as the TRUE discerner and intents of a man's heart.

Thank you all who have already emailed me to say "Count me in" and the many others who are joining this MOVE to become saturated with His Word over the next (90) days during the SEVENTY HOUR CHALLENGE.

You can still join in! We are taking between now and October 31st to read through the entire Bible. It takes approximately (70) hours for the average readers to get through the Old and New Testaments. That is less than (1) hour per day for the next (3) months.

Here is something that may help some of you that are standing together in this challenge.
Melanie, Kayla and I are reading from the beginning (Genesis) on our own and each night we will come together for an hour and read through the New Testament (beginning with the Gospel of Matthew) together. You may want to try this with you family or a friend as well.

ALSO, I want to connect some of you TOGETHER who may or may not know each other in this. I think that it will provide both encouragement and accountability through the challenge.

If you are open to me putting you with a "challenge partner" from somewhere else in the World to email your progress and prayer needs through this challenge-please email me at
PastorTroy@BigGrace.come and say, "I am in and would love to stand with another brother or sister in Christ through this challenge."
I will also be posting your experiences and testimonies on my blog as they come in.
Many blessings,

Pastor Troy D. Bohn

Raven Ministires International, Inc.
P.O. Box 1897
Daytona Beach, Florida 32115
1-Go-Zap-Souls (24 hour phone number)

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