Tuesday, December 19, 2006


Amount needed for Raven Texas Bus
Amount raised/pledged as of 1:00 PM EST
Amount still needing to be raised for bus

We are over halfway to raising the necessary funds to purchase the much needed bus for the Raven Texas teams! This is just incredible to see people come together and give sacrificially during this time of year. Thank you all so much and we believe that we’ll be able to report that we have raised ALL the finances for the bus by the time we broadcast our LIVE “RAVEN NATION” Program tonight right here at 9:00 PM EST

Tune in to hear the report and news of what has been going on around the country as well!

Many thanks to: Linda (Texas), Carole (Texas), Phebe (Texas), Jeanne (Arizona), Pastor Rick (NYC), Pastor Don (NOLA), Sheila (Texas), Roger (Florida), & Raven West Coast for their giving to help us get this close!

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